Connect to big screen using desktop computer

Connect to big screen using desktop computer

Go to search hashtag and enter any hashtag in this case we use #Party

A list of photos and videos found with that hashtag will show up


Click “Cast” button on any image, the first time a new tab will open with the current selected template, this tab is the one we will cast to big screen

Using  chromecast:

Click chromecast icont at the top right¬†in your chrome browser, select “cast tab”.


choose the destination device, and click ok.


Deatach the tab and press F11 to set that tab full screen in order to ensure the screen will be used at its 100% width and hight resolution.


Now the tab should be viewed in your bigscreen TV, of course the TV input should be set to the one plugged with the chromecast device.

If connected via HDMI VGA RGB or any other video output:

Drag the new tab to the scondary screen where the big screen is attached to, then press F11 to go full screen.


Once the new tab is casting where you want, then every time you click “Cast” the new photo or video will show up in that tab, updating the current screen content.

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